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Day One – Friday 1 April

AM1900K1 SM1000 MHEAT 1
2910C1 SM1000 MHEAT 1
3920K1 SM1000 MHEAT 2
4930C1 SM1000 MHEAT 2
51000K1 SW500 MHEAT 1
61010K1 SW500 MHEAT 2
71100K1 SM1000 MSEMI FINAL
81110C1 SM1000 MSEMI FINAL
PM101300C2 SM1000 MHEAT 1
111310K2 SM1000 MHEAT 1
121340C2 SM1000 MHEAT 2
131350K2 SM1000 MHEAT 2
141400C2 SM1000 MHEAT 3
151500C2 SM1000MSEMI FINAL 1
161510K2 SM1000 MSEMI FINAL
171530C2 SM1000mSEMI FINAL 2

Day Two – Saturday 2 April

AM18900K1 JM1000 MFINAL
19910C1 JM1000 MFINAL
20920K1 JW500 MFINAL
930Junior 1000m and 500m Medal Presentation
211000C1 SW500 MFINAL
221010K1 SW500 MFINAL
231020K1 SM1000 MFINAL
241030C1 SM1000 MFINAL
10401000m and 500m Medal Presentation
251130K2 SM1000 MFINAL
261140C2 SM1000 MFINAL
271200K2 SW500 MFINAL
1230SM K2 & C2 and SW K2 1000 Medal Presentation
PM281300K1 SM200 MHEAT 1
291310C1 SM200 MHEAT 1
301320K1 SM200 MHEAT 2
311330C1 SM200 MHEAT 2
321350K1 SW200 MHEAT 1
331400K1 SW200 MHEAT 2
341410C2 SM200 MHEAT 1
351420K2 SM200 MHEAT 1
361430C2 SM200 MHEAT 2
371440K2 SM200 MHEAT 2
381600K1 SM200 MSEMI FINAL
391610C1 SM200 MSEMI FINAL
401620K1 SW200 MSEMI FINAL
411700K2 SM200 MSEMI FINAL
421710C2 SM200 MSEMI FINAL

Day Three – Sunday 3 April

AM43900K1 JM200 MFINAL
44910C1 JM200 MFINAL
45920JW K1200 MFINAL
930Junior C1 & K1 200m Medal Presentation
461030K1 SM200 MFINAL
471040C1 SM200 MFINAL
481050K1 SW200 MFINAL
491100C1 SW200 MFINAL
1130Senior K1 &C1 Medal Presentation
PM501210K2 SM200 MFINAL
511220C2 SM200 MFINAL
521230K2 SW200 MFINAL
1240SM & SW K1 &C2 200m Medal Presentation
531400K1 M5000 MFINAL
541445C1 M5000 MFINAL
551530K1 W5000 MFINAL
1630500m Medal Presentation & Closing Ceremony

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